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Venturi-Schulze Vineyards

4235 Vineyard Road
Cobble Hill, BC


Located in Cobble Hill, Giordano Venturi and Marilyn Schulze-Venturi are committed to growing the highest quality grapes without pesticides or herbicides and are crafting world class wines. The family also produces balsamic vinegar. The vinegary or acetaia was expanded by 2,000 sq. ft. in 1999. It houses dozens of large "nursery" barrels and 108 ageing barrels custom made in Italy from chestnut, cherry, acacia, ash and oak. Each wine is an adventure woven around the season, the soil and the personalities of the varieties and winemakers. They add minimal amounts of sulphide at bottling to some of our wines. None is added to their Brut or dessert wine. To retain as much of the character of the grapes as possible, we neither fine nor sterile-filter, so storage temperatures become important: they recommend 10° to 12°C (50° to 55°F). All 750 ml bottles are closed with a crown cap instead of a cork. After so much effort in the vineyard and winery, they are not willing to compromise on quality by putting an unpredictable piece of bark in the neck of the bottle.


Owner/Operator: Giordano Venturi
Phone: 250-743-5630


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