Find What Pairs Best With BC Wines

Wine Pairings

Intimidating, isn’t it? All those books and wine experts telling you exactly which wine must go with which dish, as if one false move could completely destroy an entire meal.

Don’t believe it. The only one rule about matching food and wine that deserves to be carved in stone is: THERE ARE NO RULES. So relax. Experiment. Enjoy yourself. Isn’t that what sitting down to a good meal with wine is all about?

Of course, a little knowledge can be a fascinating thing. Like the first time you try a crisp, dry Riesling with smoked salmon, for example, or an earthy, concentrated Cabernet Sauvignon with rack of lamb and rosemary – all it takes is one terrific match, and you’re hooked. You begin to understand how different foods and flavours can bring out the best in a wine, and vice versa.


If you live in beautiful British Columbia and you enjoy wine in any capacity, form or quantity then may we welcome you to your spiritual home!