Alderlea Vineyards

1751 Stamps Road
Duncan, BC


In 2008, Alderlea fermented the red it calls Fusion in a 2,000-litre oak fermenter specially built for this purpose. Roger Dosman believes this enabled him to enhance the quality of a variety that will define the future of Vancouver Island viticulture.

Fusion is made from Alderlea’s planting of an early-ripening cabernet sauvignon/marĂ©chal foch cross developed by Swiss breeder Valentin Blattner. Dosman’s acclaimed 2005 Fusion was the first commercial release in British Columbia of a Blattner wine. He has increased his planting of Blattner crosses to a quarter of his vineyard, pulling out bacchus to make room.

The reason: bacchus is prone to mildew, while the disease-resistant Blattner vines require almost no spraying. Dosman says the wines have intriguing Old World flavours that will set Vancouver Island reds apart.


Owner/Operator: Roger and Nancy Dosman
Phone: 250-746-7122

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