Calona Vineyards

1125 Richter Street
Kelowna, BC

Established in 1932, Calona Vineyards has the distinction of being BC’s original winery. As a pioneer in the BC wine industry, Calona leads the way to higher levels of craftsmanship and professionalism. Calona’s wines are award-winning, rivaling the world’s most established names to prove Okanagan Valley is at the international forefront of fine wine production.

Owner/Operator: Katie Dickieson
Phone: 250-762-9144

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  1. I am again visiting Edmonton, every time I am here I make a visit to the wine store and buy Conviction Pinot Grigio, which I just love. As I live in Ontario I am enquiring if I can buy it there, or, have it shipped there to my home. Or do you have any other suggestions.

    Thank you


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