Church & State Wines

1445 Benvenuto Ave.
Brentwood Bay, BC

Rather than bringing Okanagan grapes to a Vancouver Island winery, in 2008, Church & State opened a second crush facility in a leased packing house in the south Okanagan. A second tasting room opened in 2010 on the winery’s Coyote Bowl Vineyard on Black Sage Road.

The Brentwood Bay winery, now focused on making sparkling wines, was launched originally as Victoria Estate Winery. It was drifting toward failure when a former tax lawyer and fish farm mogul, acquired it in 2004 and restructured the business. He hired California winemaking consultant Bill Dyer, formerly Burrowing Owl’s founding winemaker, and purchased vineyard land not far from Burrowing Owl. It is no coincidence that the wines have a stylistic relation to those of Burrowing Owl.

In 2009, Church & State added Australian-trained Jeff Del Nin, the former Burrowing Owl winemaker, to its staff in the Okanagan.

Owner/Operator: Sunocean Wineries and Vineyards LTD
Phone: 250-652-2671

3 Comments on “Church & State Wines”

  1. I recently had the pleasure of drinking a glass of your Coyote Bowl Chardonnay in a vegan restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta. It was delicious! I am wanting the nutrition and calorie count of this wine, as well as where, I may be able to purchase some.

    1. Hi Carrie – thanks for reaching out but we are just an informational website about wineries in BC and unfortunately do not have the information you are looking for. Good luck with your search.

  2. I was at your winery a couple of years ago and was taken by your white wine that had had some unusual names, not tonight I have a headache and coffee, tea or me. Are you still producing these labels? I would like to stop by and purchase some if you do. Thank you.

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