Deep Creek Wine Estate & Hainle Vineyards

5355 Trepanier Bench Road
Peachland, BC

Launched by the late Walter Hainle and his son, Tilman, a German-trained winemaker, Hainle Vineyards was, in 1995, the first Okanagan winery to receive organic certification. The winery was acquired in 2002 by Walter Huber, an Ontario fishing resort owner who claims a European family wine tradition dating from 1167.

Huber’s Peachland vineyard is Deep Creek, accounting for the recent change of this winery’s name. In 2007, Huber reduced the winery’s production (which was 10,000 cases in 2005), concentrating on small-volume production, mainly of zweigelt and pinot noir, some of it priced over $100.

In a comment on the psychology of wine retailing, Huber says those wines have actually improved sales of his $40 to $60 wines.


Owner/Operator: Walter Huber
Phone: 250-767-2525

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