Divino’s Quayside Wine Cellar

111-960 Quayside Drive
New Westminster, BC


Website is still in the process of being constructed.


Phone: 604-522-4245

2 Comments on “Divino’s Quayside Wine Cellar”

  1. I’m trying to get in touch with the owners of the Quayside Wine Store. I just opened a women’s clothing boutique on Columbia st and the unit beside mine will be available soon and I was wondering if they’re looking for a new location. I think it would be a perfect complement to my store. And better than the dispensary that my landlord is looking at! I know they are permanently closed and I have no way of getting ahold of them. Please forward my email to them.

    1. Hello Anita. Sorry but we are just an informational website about wineries in BC. Good luck getting in contact with them.

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