East Kelowna Cider Company

2960 McCulloch Road
Kelowna, BC

This cidery in suburban Kelowna is on an orchard that has been in David Ross’s family since 1942. A photograph of Grandfather Ross appears proudly on the labels of the cider. In the orchard, the Rosses grow only dessert apples, including Golden Delicious, Braemar, Fuji, McIntosh and Spartan.

These are not traditional cider apples, which are often bitter and not all that edible. “If you wouldn’t want to eat them, why would you drink them?” Rosses asks. The Rosses much prefer the flavour of the dry cider they make from eating apples. From time to time, they also make small quantities of ice cider.

Owner/Operator: David and Theressa Ross
Phone: 250-860-8118

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