Elephant Island Orchard Wines

2730 Aikens Loop, RR#1 S5 C18
Naramata, BC

The Okanagan’s first fruit winery, Elephant Island takes a different direction than many other fruit wineries. Many of the wines are finished dry, to be paired more easily with food. The winery also extended the applications for fruit wines by crafting cocktails with them.

Elephant Island’s dessert wines include an icewine-style apple wine and a port-style cherry wine called Stellaport. In 2009, the winery added new equipment to expand its sparkling wine production. The Little King is a fine, bottle-fermented sparkling wine made from Granny Smith apples and a dose of raspberry.

Recently, the winery launched a second bottle-fermented sparkler called Pink Elephant, an apple wine with a dash of cassis. In 2009, the winery also added a dry blackberry wine, the first time it has made wine from that fruit.

Owner/Operator: Del Halladay
Phone: 250-496-5522

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