Kalala Organic Estate Winery

3361 Glencoe Rd.
Westbank, BC

In 1995, two years after arriving in Canada from India, electrical engineer Karnail Singh Sidhu started working in an Okanagan vineyard. He joined Summerhill Pyramid Winery the following year and soon became one of the Okanagan’s experts in organic viticulture.

He also operates a company that supplies agricultural inputs and equipment such as bird netting. He leased a vineyard near Westbank in 2001, the basis for this family-owned winery that he launched in 2008. The winery, which is seeking organic certification, gets its name from Karnail’s hometown in the Punjab; Kalala means “miracle place.”

According to legend, the town was relocated to the spot where a wolf and a lamb were found living peacefully together. To Karnail, the Okanagan has comparable serenity.

Owner/Operator: Karnail Singh Sidhu
Phone: 250-768-9700

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