Kermode Wild Berry Wines

8457 River Road South
Dewdney, BC

This winery emerged from an idea that Fritz Sprieszl had nurtured for several years: make wine only from berries that grow in the wild. He estimates there are at least 30 different edible berries in B.C. So far, he and his brother, Bob, have made wines with a third of those berries. Fritz has earned a living in the woods since his teen years, including time mushroom picking and moss harvesting.

That has given him a keen knowledge of where to find the best berry patches. He enlisted the help of Bob, then a farm manager in Japan, to begin making some of B.C.’s most original fruit wines. Styles range from dry table wines to sweet ports and fortified liqueurs. In 2010, the brothers are planting about a hectare of blackberries and considering planting about a hectare of grapes.

Owner/Operator: Fritz and Bob Sprieszl
Phone: 604-814-3222

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