Lang Vineyards

2493 Gammon Road
S9 C12 RR1
Naramata, BC
V0H 1N0

Lang Vineyards was founded by German entrepreneur Guenther Lang in 1990 and became known as the first “Farm Gate” Winery in all of BC. It began it’s humble beginning by selling out of the garage from Guenther & his wife Kristina’s home. After a few years an actual warehouse and wine-shop was built on the property and Langs slowly grew from there.

Langs slowly gained alot of popularity in the wine community for it’s high quality and reasonably priced wines over the years. The main wines that they became known for were their Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Marechal Foch, Riesling Ice-Wine & a very unique Maple Wine.

In 2005 Guenther Lang sold the winery to Holman Farms which at the time had about 6 other wineries also. Holman Farms unfortunately dissolved in 2010 and a new owner took over Langs at that time. The new owner immediately approached Guenther Lang the original owner in hopes of bringing him back as a consultant. Guenther agreed and is now working to bring back Langs image and reputation to it’s original fine form.

Owner/Operator: G√ľnther Lang
Phone: 778-514-5598
Fax: 778-514-5597

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