Marichel Vineyard & Winery

RR #1, S11, C73, 1016 Littlejohn Road
Naramata, BC

Retired Air Canada pilot Richard Roskell and his wife, Elisabeth, a dental technician, have focused exclusively on syrah and viognier in the vineyard they have planted since 2000. “From a business standpoint, we want to differentiate ourselves,” Richard says.

The property has a spectacular view, with vines undulating on a bluff overlooking Lake Okanagan; it’s well worth trying to make an appointment to walk amid the vines. The vineyard terrain and the deliberate set-asides of natural plants create eight mini-microclimates. Richard believes this contributes to complexity in the wines.

The Roskells limit tonnages severely in order to produce intensely flavoured wines. Due to the deliberately limited production, the tasting room is seldom open.

Owner/Operator: Richard Roskell
Phone: 250-496-4133

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