Marley Farm Winery Ltd.

1831D Mount Newton X Rd.
Saanichton, BC

The vines were planted in 2000 and the winery opened in 2004. the Marleys produce both traditional grape wines as well as fruit wines, using produce from their farm and local growers. Marley Farm Winery is the only fruit winery on Vancouver Island.

Resident sheep and geese help to weed and fertilize the 5-acre vineyard and Marley Farm is also home to chickens, turkeys, ducks, horses and horse-drawn carriage trials. The vineyard was planted with Pinot Grigio, Ortega and Pinot Noir, being the best suited varietals for our micro climate, soils and exposure. Fruits wines are also produced at the Marley’s farm.

Owner/Operator: Danielle Marley
Phone: 250-652-8667

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