Raven Ridge Cidery

3002 Dunster Rd,
Kelowna, BC

The Granny Smith Iced Cider is a perennial crowd pleaser. As you would expect from an Iced Cider, it starts sweet, but finishes strong with a superb green apple tartness, much like biting into an apple fresh off the tree! Break a bottle out at a dinner party, and you will be sure to surprise your guests with something they have never experienced before.

Owner/Operator: Nicole Bullock
Phone: 250-763-1091

2 Comments on “Raven Ridge Cidery”

  1. Good Morning

    I recently was going through my old wine/ cider purchase and came across an old bottle of Raven Ridge Cidery/ Braeburn Iced Cider ( 375ml). It was years ago when we visited!

    The label was obviously one of the first as it looks handmade on a printer! I have not opened it yet but curious as to the year it was bottled and if it is still drinkable after all these years.

    Regards: Bill Mansell
    403-470-7127 phone / text

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