Salt Spring Vineyards

151 Lee Road
Salt Spring Island, BC

New owners have taken over Saltspring Vineyards after founders Jan and Bill Harkley, easing into retirement, sold the business to career-changing physicians Devlin and Joanne McIntyre. The McIntyres – he is a surgeon and she is a general practitioner – have grown grapes since 1985 in a hobby vineyard in Abbotsford.

They are keen about wine: he was the Opimian Society’s top wine taster in British Columbia three times. They had been scouting for wine property as far afield as France when they discovered Saltspring Vineyards was for sale. While the McIntyres will still do some medicine on Saltspring Island, their focus has now switched to the winery.

Paul Troop, their winemaker, is one of British Columbia’s leading propagators of Blattner variety wines. This year, Saltspring Vineyards releases small quantities of both petite milo (a Blattner white) and cabernet libre (a Blattner red).

Owner/Operator: Devlin and Joanne McIntyre
Phone: 250-653-9463

3 Comments on “Salt Spring Vineyards”

  1. Hi All,
    My son and I are developing a vineyard by Iron River Road, BC – half way between
    Campbell River and Comox, BC.
    We plan to plant grapes next spring. We are using the 9 wire trellis system.
    What grapes do you suggest we plant?
    Do you sell plants – red and white? If not who do you suggest?
    Are you interested in buying our grapes once we are in the production stage?
    I believe Paul Troop and I have met at a WIGA Conference.
    Look forward to your response.
    Best regards,
    Ron Wasel

    1. Hi Ron – We are an informational website about Wineries in BC. We recommend that you please contact the owners of Salt Spring Vineyards (250-653-9463) as they may be able to help.

  2. Can you pass this personal request onto Paul Troop. please. thank you.
    Paul, I was just thinking of you from the past and did a google search and your name and face was first on the list. hope you are well. just contacting to say Hello. would not be offended if you have forgotten. I moved to Toronto in 1987 to work as Broadcast engineer at Crossroads communications. live in Brantford ON. was on the island just 2 months ago and drove past this vinyard 4 years ago after visiting relatives.
    all the best to you.
    Rob Brand

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