Spiller Estate Winery

475 Upper Bench Road North
Penticton, BC

Now part of a group of five wineries under single ownership, Spiller fruit winery launched Keith and Lynn Holman into the wine business. The couple were orchardists in the Penticton area for about 25 years. Before that, they had spent several years in France where they developed a taste for wines and spirits.

Spiller’s wines are made from locally grown tree fruits, as well as with imported fruits such as pineapple. Winemaker Laurent Lafuente is dipping into his Swiss training in distilling, as well as his experience making rum in Guyana to craft additional products, using fruit brandies he makes at the Spirit Bear Distillery, which the Holmans also operate.

Owner/Operator: Laurent Lafuente
Phone: 250-770-1733

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    1. Hello Raelene – I would recommend that you speak to a wine expert to find out if it is still safe to drink or not. We are just an informational website about wineries in BC and unfortunately do not have the information you are looking for.

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