St. Urban Winery

47189 Bailey Rd.
Chilliwack, BC

The Kompauers are consulting engineers with a long-time dream of opening a winery, something rooted in Paul Kompauer’s childhood in Slovakia, where a brother still has a family-owned vineyard. In 2001, the Kompauers bought a vineyard near Chilliwack, in the eastern Fraser Valley, after the individual who planted it abandoned his own plans for a winery.

The Kompauers intended to open in 2006, but were set back by regulatory issues and by the need to replant part of the vineyard. In the cold, wet vintage of 2008, Paul made only a modest quantity of gew├╝rztraminer and a red blend (zweigelt and mar├ęchal foch). The Kompauers have yet to open their wine shop.

Owner/Operator: Paul Kompauer
Phone: 604-824-6233

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