Tangled Vine Vineyard

2140 Sun Valley Way
Okanagan Falls, BC

The desire to open a winery was born one summer weekend, several years ago, that the four proprietors spent at another Okanagan winery’s guesthouse, coming away seduced by the lifestyle. All were already wine-savvy, having met in a Vancouver restaurant where all had worked at one time or another.

Lead partner Craig McKenzie’s wine passion was confirmed by a winemaking sabbatical in Australia. The producing vineyard that the partners own is planted almost entirely to white varieties. McKenzie will start making reds eventually but, for now, the only wine of colour in the tasting room is a rosé.

In 2008, Tangled Vines, which had contracted production of its earlier vintages to another winery, built its own processing facility. In 2010, the winery expects to release its first red blend and may release a Prosecco-style pinot blanc.

Owner/Operator: Craig McKenzie
Phone: 250-497-6416

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  1. Hello would like to buy 3 cases of your Tangled Vine Malbec/Merlot, but I’m wondering how much it would be

    1. Hi Alisha – thanks for reaching out but unfortunately we are just an informational website about wineries in BC and do not have the information you are looking for. Good luck with your search.

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