Westham Island Estate Winery

2170 Westham Island Road
Delta, BC

This fruit winery was conceived by veteran berry grower Andy Bissett, who died just as all the approvals were received. His widow, Lorraine, and daughter, Tamara, took the dream to completion. The winery shares a site with a busy farm market, from which the Bissetts sell their berries every summer.

Westham Island is notable both for the fertile soils and for the renowned Reifel Bird Sanctuary, a major attraction and the inspiration for calling the gooseberry wine SnoGoose. Winemaker Ron Taylor, a former Andrés winemaker, works with an exceptional selection of fruit.

The most exotic is the tayberry, a rare berry developed in Scotland, with an intriguing spicy flavour. One of the creators of Andrés Baby Duck, Taylor revisits the idea here by making a semi-sweet (but still) grape wine called Just Ducky.

Owner/Operator: Ron Taylor
Phone: 604-940-9755

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